Water with Lemon: the benefits of ingesting this mixture!

Water with Lemon: the benefits of ingesting this mixture!

 Water and lemon is really a mixture present in many morning routines of famous and fitness bloggers and health professionals who post on their social networks.
Many people have repeated the behavior without really knowing if there are benefits and what they really are. In today’s article, you will find out what the real benefits of fasting lemon water are!

Does lemon water lose weight?

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This mixture, because it is consumed by many people adept at healthy eating, ends up generating a big question: “Does it lose weight?”.
The most plausible answer to such a question is: no! Lemon water alone has no slimming power, as well as no other type of food in isolation.
The truth is that simply drinking water with lemon every day in the morning on an empty stomach or not, does not promote any weight loss if the practice is not associated with a change in eating habits in general.
Therefore, despite being natural and healthy, this mixture can only be an adjunct to weight loss. What will really lose weight are all the other dietary practices practiced during the day, such as the exclusion of processed foods and the option for more natural and minimally processed foods.

Benefits of water with lemon:

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Water alone is already a richly beneficial drink for health, especially mineral water, which gathers in its composition an excellent supply of essential mineral salts for the body.
On the other hand, Lemon is a citrus fruit, very rich in vitamin C and fiber. With a very low fructose content (fruit sugar), the fruit with a strong sour taste is a partner of immunity, protecting the body from diseases and inflammation.
When you mix two foods that are rich in benefits, the result cannot be different: health is for sure! See more benefits below:

-Improved digestion

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Lemon, because it contains citric acid, is a great natural digestive. Therefore, this mixture is also a great option to take after meals as well.
You just have to be cautious if you feel any gastric discomfort or gastritis attacks due to the lemon’s strong acidity.

-Detox effect

Both pure water and mixed with lemon, while fasting, make a real cleansing in the body. Upon waking up, you can take this warm or chilled mixture.

-Natural protection

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The lemon and its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are also a powerful protector of the immune system. Due to its amount of vitamin C. Taking this mixture every day is a good way to supplement the vitamin naturally!

-Helps to freshen breath

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The mixture leaves your breath fresher, combats gingivitis and toothache. However, the acidity of the lemon can corrode the tooth enamel. To avoid, use a straw to take the mixture.
It is important to note that not everyone handles this mix well. People who take antacid, have gastric ulcers or gastritis, may not benefit as much. So the ideal is to test how your body reacts!
Another benefit of this mixture is to use it as a substitute for very sweet juices or soft drinks, using sparkling water. It is refreshing and is ideal for those who like the sour taste in moderation. Therefore, below, we will teach you how to prepare.

How to make lemon water?

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It’s very simple. Just separate a glass of cold or warm mineral water and squeeze half a lemon. You can strain it or not. Using the straw to take can prevent corrosion of the enamel on your teeth. Using mineral water of good origin and quality, rich in minerals, will further enhance the benefits of the mixture.
If you don’t handle lemon well, that’s fine. Drinking just a glass of pure mineral water in the morning on an empty stomach also has many benefits!