How to travel without leaving your home?

How to travel without leaving your home?


The world is going through with an unfortunate time where everyone is staying home. However, if you look at the statics, then there are more than 25.1 million cases worldwide. So, in this situation, most traveling is the most affected industry. Is your travel-hungry soul starving to go somewhere? But it’s not safe to move out in this situation. Still, it’s possible to enjoy the joys of traveling without leaving the house. Yes, you heard right, it’s possible. However, due to virtual traveling, you don’t need to halt your travel plans anymore.

What are the ways to travel without leaving your home?

“Someday, it will be safe again to enjoy the colors of life by traveling. But for now, take and explore the virtual adventure.”

As we mentioned earlier, that virtual traveling is the key to feel the sense of traveling. It’s not wrong to make plans for the days when it will be safe to revisit the world. So, for now, here are the ways to travel the world without leaving home.

Visit the world with media

Person Using a Smartphone

We are living in the digital age, where everything is just a single click away from us. So, we should take advantage of these mediums to roam around the world virtually. However, for this, you can watch different countries’ TV channels to know about their culture. Along with this, you can binge-watch movies and tv series. The entertainment industry is the best to learn new things about any culture. In short, it’s a great time pass to spend time traveling virtually.

Cook a foreign meal

“Food is one of those things that bind us all together.”

It’s an old proverb, and also, it’s a reality. Cooking and eating the cuisine of different countries is the best way to get to know things. So, if you are free and feel like going to China, then it’s best to cook Chinese food. In short, cooking cuisine is the best way to enjoy different flavors from your kitchen.

Prepare a scrapbook of your favorite destinations.

Assorted-photos and Notebook

If you are a true travel-soul, then obviously there would be many places in your to-do list—the best way to keep yourself busy by arranging a scrapbook of your favorite traveling destinations. However, you can visit the short-listed places when things get better. So, take a printout of your favorite spot and paste it in your book.

Watch travel videos on YouTube.

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Watching travel documentaries is my most favorite thing to do in quarantine. I think it’s the best way to get to know any culture from other travelers’ eyes. So, they share their experiences, famous places to visit, and cuisine to eat there. In this way, you will feel like traveling along with your favorite blogger.  So, see your dream destination with your famous YouTuber vlogger.

Take a virtual tour of museums.

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Do you know that most of the museums offer virtual tours? Yes, it’s true, now you can roam around in history from your house’s comfort. There are many museums in New York, Britain, Paris, and other parts of the world that offer virtual tours. So, enjoy a trip to the past and see the world’s famous galleries and museums.

Read travel blogs or books.

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It is a matter of the fact that nothing can beat the habit of reading. It is one of those things that keep you updated about your favorite items. However, if you are missing to travel, then choose a book or travel blog to read. In this way, you will live that time in your mind by reading words. What could be the other best way to see the world from your favorite writer’s eyes/words?

“You waste life when you waste time and don’t make good memories.”

Apart from the above, here are some other things that you can do to travel the world without leaving home.

  • Learn a new foreign language
  • Scroll down the social media platforms to see photos of your favorite destinations
  • Listen to foreign podcasts
  • Visit virtual zoo or aquarium
  • Visit the ethnic restaurants of other nationalities

In short, there are many other most comfortable ways to make the best of your available time. Do what you want to do to make your travel-loving soul happy.

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