Benefits of coconut oil in coffee

Benefits of coconut oil in coffee

It is known that coffee has many variants and that it can be combined with milk, cream, whiskey, sugar, and sweetener, among other things. Lately, the trend has been all the rage to add a splash of coconut oil before taking it.

Although it is a custom that is not yet used in many places, it is increasingly known in the world of coffee lovers and is gaining more followers everywhere, do you want to know why it is a good idea to add coconut oil to your coffee? Come let me tell you!

Benefits of coconut oil in coffee

Let’s start at the beginning, coconut oil is antiviral, it is effective against fungi and also against bacteria that can grow inside the body.

Contains saturated fat

Before you think, “then this is bad,” let me tell you that it is not so, because this type of fat has the ability to provide energy to the body as long as you consume it in a moderate way.

Another component of coconut oil that not many talks about and hardly anyone knows about is lauric acid. This is where it gets its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Lauric acid is found in breast milk and, as you surely know, this milk provides protection to newborns to avoid illness or infection. To consume it in adulthood, it is necessary to take some coconut oil.

In addition, coconut oil contains ketones that help improve the absorption of nutrients and give the brain a little extra energy to function fully for longer.


We should all have coffee. It is one of the few pleasures in life that does not get fat. Even decaffeinated coffee prevents diabetes, fatty liver, and Parkinson’s.

Caffeine makes you want to exercise and makes the body prefer to use fat for fuel to move muscles.


Sometimes sugar has a hard time entering the brain, causing poor memory and cravings for sweets. Coconut oil decreases your appetite because it enters the brain through a different door.

This coconut oil diet will make you lose weight for sure, but it will also improve your brain. Let me know how your family member with Alzheimer’s responds.

In any health food store, you can find it, and it is quite cheap. Eating coconut has benefits too, as does coconut milk and coconut butter.

The new studies are impressive. That is why I am looking for patients to check the following benefits of coconut oil.

  • improves mental health (improves Alzheimer’s symptoms)
  • lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
  • cure fatty liver
  • prevents seizures
  • helps to lose weight in the abdomen

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How to add coconut oil to coffee?

There are two ways to add coconut oil to coffee. The first, which is the simplest, is to add a teaspoon to your cup and mix it well. The aroma and flavor will surely transport you to some paradisiacal beach even if you are only in the living room of your house in the middle of winter.

As a second option, you can place the coffee in a jug and add the coconut oil. Then it only remains to mix it at high speed with the electric hand mixer. If you don’t have, use the blender.

Have you ever tried coffee with coconut oil? I do, and I can assure you that its consistency seemed excellent, and its flavor was delicious!