11 Ways To Enjoy The Summer When Keeping Close To Home

11 Ways To Enjoy The Summer When Keeping Close To Home

 Summer is almost around but many of us are keeping much closer to home than ever before this year with many of the big occasions being canceled or curtailed. There are still many ways that you can consider to have a blast, from backyard camping to stargazing and much more. It is very tempting to book those trips that you’ve been thinking of over the past months as the lockdowns have begun to ease but you should keep in mind that the pandemic is not yet over so this summer it would be very important and safe for you and your family to just enjoy closer to home.

Here are various things which you can do when keeping close to home this year during the summer days:
1- Try a Backyard Picnic 
backyard picnic

Picnics are ever awesome! Being close to home and getting most of the dishes ready will give you a little bit more freedom. During this summer period, you’re around the home without the pressure of your buddies to go for dinner or weekend brunches, consider turning a weekly meal into a picnic. Create a combination of various meals from juice pouches and sandwiches to charcuterie boards with few bottles of soda . Get the necessary utensils and thick blankets and look for a grassy flat area. This does not have to be Instagram worth or extra fancy but it will be extremely delicious and relaxing.

2- Compete In Family Olympics

While the Tokyo summer games seem to have delayed, and pushed to 2021, you can still host your own and go for the gold in your backyard, right? Consider setting up stations with a lawn like games such as bocce, croquet, cornhole, and then let the game commence! To make the games fierce, ensure you keep tallies of the winners and award them MVP prizes and keep track of the most enjoyable moments.

3- Go Camping

You can turn your backyard (if you have one) into a mini campsite during this period. You can craft the at-home campsite when the time for your family’s annual culture to go on summer camping trips, pop up the tents, build fires, and enjoy your summer around the home.

4- Start Your Own Garden

You can utilize the unused corner of your lawn to grow flowers, veggies, fruits, and herbs. You get a plethora of opportunities when you start a garden when the weather is just beginning to warm up and also when you’re focusing on spending more time outside alone or to give your beloved kids a few lessons on how to deal with dirt. It’s usually a very joyful process right from teaching the kids how to measure the growth of the plants and reap the benefits once the veggies have ripened.

5-Experiment New Recipes In The Kitchen

You might feel that your go-to meals are becoming stale after several months of regular cooking at home. But the good news s that there will never be a shortage of new recipe deals across the internet. Although there are many common misconceptions, you do not have to use propagated spring onions r sourdough starters to come up with new dishes this time. You need to scour your pantry for the best ingredients to be in the delectable fun to prepare dishes.


6- Stargazing

You will never get to stop enjoying the stars no matter how old you are. Instead of getting tired when looking at the same yard you’ve been in for all the years, look up and dream of this great universe out there. Set up beach chairs or your favorite blankets outside and start looking up in the search for the well-known constellations and some of the faraway planets. You can opt for a telescope closer views; this makes it even more fun.

7-Bike Riding
bike riding

Take a ride and explore your neighborhood and beyond. Even the bike has been in the garage for quite some long time and it needs to properly hit the roads. Ensure that your bike is in good condition; experience the breeze feeling, take different turns,and get moving in entirely new ways.

8-Adopt a Furry Friend (Pet)

Don’t get lonely this summer if you are living alone and limited to your yard. Even if you’re a family, you might be overwhelmed by the anticipation of getting a new being to hang around and lighten up the moods. Your household needs a cat or any pet to bring snuggles and kisses around whether you’re living as a family or you’re single. Adopt or foster a pet and safely stay with them in your local shelter during this period.

9- Declutter Your Filled Up Spaces and Revamp Your Closets

In your free time, start purging those unwanted items from the spaces they’re hoarded. Start with your work from home workspace which is filled with a lot of paperwork stuff. Create binders and label them to categorize everything and commit to a weekly duty of organizing the papers. Also, you need to consider tackling that abandoned attic space too once you start decluttering the small spaces.

You cannot declutter all the stuffed places and forget the closet which is entirely stocked with shoes and outgoing outfits. You can just be reimagining your wardrobe to getting it cozier or intending to swap your summer outfits for new ones.

10-Take a Drive To The Nearest Places and Public Arts

You can become a tourist in your city this summer. Take your time and get to see those amazing and interesting places you haven’t been to before. Sunday drives may be appealing just the way you think they are. Moreover, you might look for some nearby colorful arts while n your way. Come up with a map with the public murals around where you live such as super-theatersand other arts popping up on the major storefronts. It’s all fun!


11-Document The Summer


You may focus on spending this summer around home capturing and sharing those fantastic memories. You could also explore the very many methods of documentation while still snapping pictures and filming your most memorable occasions of the vacation. You can make scrapbooks, compile pictures and films in documentaries, and turn your home into a gallery of those awesome sketches. Get to draw the world around you on sketch pads and by the end of the summer, you’ll have work to share with both your family and friends.


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