why coconut oil is good for skin and hair ?

why coconut oil is good for skin and hair ?

Coconut oil by composition is approximately 90% saturated fat. Benefits of coconut oil on skin and hair are many.
Coconut Oil is a highly efficient topical oil that can be used on your lips, hands, nails, feet a nd as a full-body moisturizer alongside the regular skin and hair treatment.
coconut oil in the skincare community is considered to be something of a miracle beauty product and a number of other studies have shown that coconut oil is useful for skin’s health.
This is one of the few products that you simply don’t really hear a bad word about and it’s often used as the main ingredient in many DIY beauty products.
Besides smelling amazing it also moisturizes, heals and yeah, just about lives up to the hype
also Using coconut oil for cooking is absolutely fine as it is a very stable and healthy oil with many natural benefits for general health.

why coconut oil is good for skin and hair ?

1- Body oil for super dry spots

If you suffer from dry feet, elbows or knees, coconut oil is a must. For feet, rub on some coconut oil before bedtime and cover your feet with cozy socks. in the morning you’ll feel an incredible difference in how soft and energized your feet are. Also, use a little on dry knees and elbows. It even works great as a moisturizer for dry lips. you’ll make moisturizing DIY lip scrub with coconut oil, sugar , and honey

2- for Stretch marks

Stretch marks are the results of changing elasticity within the skin and often appear after someone has lost or gained a lot of weight. coconut oil can help moisturize and fade stretch marks when applied daily.

3- Body scrub

Mixing a little bit of coconut oil with sugar crystals or coffee creates an exfoliating scrub that gently removes dead skin cells while moisturizing. Apply to clean skin in a circular motion. rinse with warm water and pat dry .

4-Wound ointment

Over thousands of years coconut oil, because of its antibacterial properties, has been used to rapidly treat rashes, burns and open wounds. because the development of collagen is encouraged by coconut oil, skin cells are often restored, which ensures cuts and rashes heal more easily.

5-Moisturizing Under eyes

Coconut oil functions as an eye cream that moisturizes, but it’s not as powerful as it can be better for rejuvenating the skin and treating dry under eyes Whether the cold weather, dehydration, or growing older. to stop pinching or applying quite enough friction to dry under-eyes to hydrate and protect the skin just smear a skinny layer of coconut oil. Until bed, it’s safer to use it, since this will slip under the makeup.

6- Natural sunscreen

Coconut oil is an all-natural SPF-4 sunscreen that supports a cure for soothing pain. Generously apply coconut oil onto sunburn areas.

7- Shaving cream for legs

Classic shaving cream is a rather expensive blend of additives that may not have a nice clean shave on your legs or underarms. On the other side, coconut price is low, antimicrobial, and includes a spiritual aroma. Besides, the properties of skin softening make the legs hydrated, but not slippery.

8- Natural Highlighter

Something like a little spotlight permeates a sleepy face. Only brush a small amount of natural coconut oil over the make-up. you are feeling like your skin but it’s more luminous, which is why many organic make-up manufacturers use it as a main ingredient.

9- Waterproof makeup remover

Because of cleansing power, coconut oil is amazing at breaking heavy and waterproof makeup.

For any kind of makeup, the small scoop are enough. Only use cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil. If the oil is fluid, massage cautiously on the face, with your fingers and/or heat within your hands, primarily around the eye area.

You must dodge using cotton pads or wipes as they’re rough and it may trigger redness or irritations.

Coconut oil plays well in a double cleanse method in place of conventional cleansing oil.

10- Hair strengthening

The constant use of coconut oil helps to strengthen your hair, dandruff free, fewer breakage that could gradually make your hair less brittle.

This perhaps betters the lengthening of your hair strands. It rejuvenates your scalp with much less oil buildup, leaves your hair strands naturally smooth and silky. this is often the simplest way to maintain healthy hair.

11- Itchy & dandruff free scalp

#Try this minimalist two ingredients hair mask:

Warm for less than a minute two or three teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil. Add a teaspoon of honey in the latter portion. Combine and mix, gently apply to hair and scalp. Allow it to sit for an hour and perform a shampoo routine. This mask helps combat itchy scalp, dandruff and heal the breakage like split ends. The measurement is based on the thickness and length of the hair.

12- Get rid of Frizzy Hair

Apply a little amount of coconut oil between your finger pads and go through especially frizzy areas to keep the hair smooth and shiny. If it’s difficult to handle the hair, coconut oil certainly will help.

13- treatment for dry and damaged hair

It works incredibly well for repairing hair that’s been dyed many times and damaged due to harsh chemicals, hair that’s been damaged by the sun or just hair that’s naturally dry.

14- For Nail growth

Regarding nail strength and growth rub coconut oil on your nail beds in a clockwise direction doing so at nighttime before going to sleep is most beneficial and leaves it overnight to penetrate the cuticles. Makes strong nails, vanishes hangnails, removes dry cuticles, smooths and well moisturizes the skin across your nails.

15- Natural Deodorant

Natural antibacterial effects of coconut oil help prevent body odour . it’s an incredible deodorant alone or mixed with bicarbonate of soda and essential oils into a paste.